Affiliates & Partnerships!


Listen! I may do a lot (check out some of my other businesses here), but I can’t do it all. So, Browse some of my trusted friends to help you in other areas!

(Full disclosure, I may get compensation for some partnerships, but I wouldn’t recommend anything/one i wouldn’t use myself!)


The Unleashed Woman

The Unleashed Woman is a non-profit organization that organizes women’s empowerment and networking events. (And, yes! I am a co-founder! Wink, wink!)

Max Credit Score

Are you looking to buy house? A car? Or just want to stop playing with your credit score and build? Get on my calendar for your free consultation:

Not many know that part of what I do as a personal development coach is credit building because finances are everyday stressors! Not only do I work to get negative items PERMANENTLY deleted, but I also educate & coach you on positive credit habits to maintain your score for long-term success! I aim to get all of my clients to a 700 or higher credit score!

“Proud coach alert! ❤ I'm sooooo proud of this client that just started one month ago! This was her increase after only the first round! She's gonna be at 800+ super fast! Not only is her credit improving but I'm also TEACHING her habits to MAINTAIN her new scores!”



Pure Romance

It’s no secret! I used to be an advanced director and Sexual Health Educator for Pure Romance. Sexual health is an important topic that no one should shy away from. Although I’m no longer available for educational presentations and ladies’ nights, you can still purchase your intimacy products with me. (18+ only)