Are you constantly busy, but end each day feeling unaccomplished?

Maybe you're frequently overwhelmed with the amount of responsibilities on your plate, and you feel like you're coming up short with most of them.

Did you know that being busy without any real sense of accomplishment can cause long-term chronic stress (which can cause health problems ranging from headaches to depression)?

I have a solution for you!

My Daily Brain Detox will help you to declutter your mind, organize your priorities, and help you work towards your goals. With practiced, regular use of this tool, you'll actually find that you are MORE productive with extra time to do the things you love!

There's a difference between being busy and being productive!

How amazing would it be if...

Do you ever feel like...

  • you woke up excited for the day ahead?
  • you gained skills that help you prioritize your day to get more done?
  • you knew how to turn your losses into lessons?
  • you created amazing opportunities for you life?
  • you were supported and encouraged through your struggles?
  • you could heal limiting beliefs that kept you "stuck"?
  • you were able to enjoy every moment because you weren't easily frustrated?
  • you gained clarity about who you are and what you desire?
  • you don't have a sense of purpose?
  • you don't have enough time in the day?
  • you haven't achieved everything you'd hoped for in life?
  • you're constantly exhausted trying to juggle your many roles?
  • you're not good enough to achieve your goals?
  • you don't feel valued at home or at work?
  • you wish someone could organize your life?
  • no matter what you do, you constantly lack motivation & focus?

The Daily Brain Detox can help you make this change!


Hi! I'm Lindsey Vertner. 

It is my life's purpose and my passion to help women all around the world to live a passionate life full of purpose, balance, and the happiness they deserve! 

Why? Because YOU ARE WORTH IT!  Don't let anyone tell you otherwise!

When I was only twenty years old, I was in a horrific car accident that left me injured so severely that I was pronounced brain dead by multiple medical professionals. Waking up in a hospital bed and being told that I was paralyzed, had neurocognitive amnesia, and would never function the same was the most terrifying moment of my life. 

Over time, I fought hard, and people referred to me as "The Miracle Woman" while I made my recovery on the outside. They didn't understand that the battle to recover on the inside was far more challenging for me. I recovered publicly and suffered in silence.

Fast forward a few years, I get married and have 2 amazing children. Forgetfulness and a lack of focus mixed with the unpredictability of kids equals a quiet storm. Residual back issues left me with daily pain, and I often struggled just to hold my children. 

I was pretending to be strong and “put together” while juggling a marriage, kids, school, and a business.  I was pretending to be happy but really, I was keeping it together day-by-day. I felt guilty because people looked up to me, but I wasn’t truly living a life of purpose. Sometimes, I was so overwhelmed that I’d bawl in the middle of the floor, crying out to no one. That is when I decided that I wanted to do everything in my power to take the overwhelm out of my life and out of the life of anyone else that I could reach. 

This is when the Daily Brain Detox was born. You don't have to live with a lack of focus and in a state of overwhelm anymore! It's time to make a change. Decide today that you are done going through the motions and are ready to create your passionate life full of the happiness you deserve!