1. Completely get rid of any and all expectations of how you think or intend for your date to go.

2. Have your "date" pick a number between 10 and 30. This will be the number of times that you'll flip the penny.

3. Pull out of your driveway/neighborhood. Once at the corner, flip your penny. If it lands on HEADS, then turn right. If TAILS, then turn left. 

4. Every time you come to a stop sign, intersection, red light, or dead end, flip your penny.

5. Keeping flipping and turning until you've reached the number chosen from Step 1.

6. Once you've made it to the final number and your final stop, have your date right there (in a safe location). Spend at least one hour on your date.

"I can't do that!" YES! You can!

Woman is unsure but Lindsey Vertner helps to reassure her. Lindsey Vertner, personal development coach for the overwhelmed woman.

At this moment, you're likely coming up with 1,001 reasons to NOT go on this date.

  • "I don't have time to plan this." - Luckily, apart from some mild prepping, this date requires no planning. Talk about a sigh of relief! I would like for you to actually take some time and get dressed up as you would for a casual date, though - even if you end up at a park. This will add another level of fun to the experience. 

  • "What if I end up in a cornfield or parking lot or something?"  - Then, it'll be good to pack some snacks, cards, games, etc. in advance (just in case you don't end up at a restaurant or the movies or somewhere).

  • "What if I take myself on a date? I can't flip a penny while driving." - You'll do a little more prepping in advance. Have someone pick your random number. Make a list of your flips & turns prior to pulling off.

  • "This sounds stupid. I could never do that." - You most definitely could and can! It's time to take yourself out of your comfort zone. It's time to challenge your thinking and interrupt your daily routine.

  • "What are the benefits of me doing this?" - You'll learn new things about yourself that you likely had no awareness of. You will feel empowered that you completed something challenging and out of the ordinary. This sense of achievement will have a ripple effect into other areas of your life because you'll want to feel it again and again. This is an especially great activity for those that want to be in control of everything! It requires you to completely live in the moment, embrace the unknown, and think on your feet. Rather than getting angry, anxious, or frustrated at any mishaps, embrace them! Find the humor, and laugh at them! The more you let go, the better. Think of the story you'll be able to share.

  • "What if I end up going in a circle/square and I'm back where I started?" - Then, that is where you'll have your date. However, the likelihood of that happening once you complete your flips is slim. You may go around a few times, but eventually you usually end up making an opposite turn.

  • "What if I end up somewhere scary?" - I HIGHLY SUGGEST that you go on this date during the day time and that you are aware of your surroundings. It is important that you remain SAFE AT ALL TIMES. For example, if your final stop puts you at someone's house, do NOT pull into their driveway. Pull over in the next closest public space/area or anywhere that you would not be trespassing.

  • "I still feel unsure about this..." - This is called resistance! I want you to take some time and truly ask yourself - what's the worse that could happen? What is it about this date that has you so resistant to even try it one time? What feelings or emotions come up when you think about? Take a moment and write down your answers and truly reflect.


I want to know about your date!!!!

I would absolutely love to know how it went for you! Where did you end up? What did you do? How did you feel about the whole experience? What did you learn about yourself or your date? Tell me, tell me! 

Lindsey Vertner, personal development coach for the overwhelmed woman wants to take you on a penny date.
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