These programs are for you if...

You often feel like you're going through the motions from day-to-day.

You struggle with a lack of focus and motivation and often feel overwhelmed.

You feel like you've been doing all of the right things, but you're still not where you feel you should be.

My elite coaching programs were created specifically for YOU!

This woman is stressed and has a fear of failure, but Lindsey Vertner can help her get the happiness she deserves! Lindsey Vertner, Life & Relationship Coach. Located in Bloomington, Indiana but working with clients nationally and worldwide!

These programs are NOT  for you if...

You enjoy having a fear of failure that holds you back from leaving your comfort zone.

You like always feeling like there's not enough time in the day and go to bed exhausted.

You're okay with NOT  living your life ON purpose & WITH  purpose. You prefer living a mediocre, ho-hum life.



This woman is genuinely happy. Lindsey can help you get the happiness you deserve, too! Lindsey Vertner, Life & Relationship Coach. Located in Bloomington, Indiana but working with clients nationally and worldwide!

Wouldn't it be great if...

You prioritized your goals and actually gave yourself MORE time in the day!

You felt confident enough to go after your dreams and crush your goals!

You had clarity on the path towards your dream life & actually noticed your efforts making a positive difference!



But I know right now you're struggling with...

Feelings of guiltiness for even thinking about taking care of YOU!

Doubting yourself about spending money on something as trivial as...your happiness!

Wondering if it's even worth it!

Well ask yourself this...How much is your happiness worth?

In my eyes, your genuine happiness is PRICELESS! Think about it...people spend millions  of dollars chasing their happiness.  But happiness can't be bought at a store. It can't be found in another person.  You have to create your own happiness! Happiness is a choice that you choose for yourself.

However, if creating your happy life were that easy...everyone (& their mama & their mama's mama & their second cousin on their boyfriend's dad's side) would be genuinely happy on a regular basis!  But they're NOT! Aren't you tired of living a regular life? Don't you wish you woke up looking forward to the day instead of, "Here we go again!"? Aren't you tired of letting the fear of failure or rejection hold you back from amazing experiences and relationships? You should be FED UP from being overwhelmed with stress and uncertainty! Your dream life is out there, but it's up to you to catch it! That's where I come in! I have the tried & true skills that I'll utilize to help you create the happy life you dream of! I'll help you start living a passionate life full of purpose, balance, & intention to get the happiness you deserve!

So, what are you waiting for?

Lindsey Vertner, Life & Relationship Coach. Located in Bloomington, Indiana but working with clients nationally and worldwide!



My elite coaching programs offer one-on-one, weekly coaching for women that are ready to take charge of their present lives & their futures! Women who are not okay with average! Women that want to create success in their lives! Women who no longer desire to wear a mask made of fake happiness! Women who understand the importance of taking care of one's self!



My programs will teach you to...

Figure out why what you're doing is not getting you to where you want to be.

Get clear on your goals.

Learn how to overcome obstacles.

Dismantle & heal any limiting beliefs that are holding you back from happiness.

Change your energy to attract more happiness.

Get organized & be intentional about the happiness you create for yourself.

Live everyday with purpose & genuine happiness.


I know you're tired of feeling overwhelmed & like you're not in control of your life!

I'm here for you! I meet you where you're at & help you grow. I will guide you through every step of the way. I will be your biggest supporter & cheerleader. You don't have to figure it out alone. I know you are capable of great happiness, & I'll be sure to remind you of that, too!

By the end of working with me, you'll be well on your way to experiencing a life full of happiness that you didn't think was possible! Months from now, you'll look back & think, "I can't believe I used to live like that!"