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Leadership Pillars That Achieve Extraordinary Results

Lindsey Vertner is a high-energy, interactive, and results-oriented speaker. She doesn't just aim to motivate audiences, but also to deliver a transformational experience that encourages them to take immediate action. Her presentations are moving but relatable, challenging but actionable, cathartic but humorous. If you're looking to provide an engaging experience with practical tips for your audience, hire Lindsey as your next professional speaker or trainer. Her self-care, self-worth, and self-discipline based leadership pillars guide individuals, teams, and businesses to catapult their results. 


High-energy Interaction

The name of Lindsey's game is to connect the audience to her words. To keep that connection, she invites her audience to interact and engage with her. There is always so much energy in her space!


Practical & Actionable Tips

Lindsey's speaking engagements aren't just about the time she's in the audience's presence, but it's also about what happens when she's stepped away from the mic. Inspiring her audience to take action after the encounter is what she does well.

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What To Expect From Lindsey As The Leadership Speaker For Your Event


Proven Tools & Techniques

This female motivational speaker will use effective tools and techniques that have proven to have a lasting impact. Your audience desires a roadmap of clearly defined next steps to be more and to achieve more. Your audience deserves Lindsey.


Experienced Speaker

Having spoken on more than 300 in-person & virtual stages across 7 countries, and appeared on more podcast, radio and television appearances than can be numbered with her fingers and toes, rest assured that you're getting an experienced female motivational speaker in Lindsey Vertner.

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Lindsey Helps Audiences To...

master their mindset, shift their behavior, and take focused action towards achieving their goals.

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Additional testimonials.

Sonia Clark-min.png

“Working with Lindsey is a pleasure! Her knowledge, experiences, tips and strategies are of high value as well as being entertaining

She will uplift you and fill your cup with love, hope and inspiration to help pave pathways towards success. I highly recommend Lindsey as a Speaker and Mentor..

Sonia Clark
Founder at for Entrepreneurs & Lead Business Education for Corporate PD Training | Global

Afenya Pongo Montgomery-min.png

"Lindsey is so awesome! She’s such an engaging speaker and she truly lights up a stage. 

Our conference theme was #GoalGetHer and she was the epitome of that! She even engaged with the audience long after the event was complete and maintained coaching relationships with attendees. I would definitely book her again. She’s amazing!

Afenya Pongo Montgomery
Founder | Speaker | RN

Justyna St. James-min.png

"Lindsey was a recent guest on the Try Fail Succeed podcast. She was a phenomenal storyteller, high positive energy, and a pleasure to interview.

She shared valuable nuggets about focusing on self-care, self-worth, and self-discipline. We always enjoy conversations with engaging speakers. Thanks, Lindsey.

Justyna St. James

Helping Entrepreneurs and Professionals speak with confidence + charisma + clarity.

LaToya Wiggins-min.png

I highly recommend Lindsey for any speaking engagements that empower and uplift women! I had the opportunity to interview Lindsey...

Her energy was amazing and she really knows how to motivate and empower other women to take action in their lives in order to live the life they desire.

LaToya Wiggins

I give women with young children a mental makeover and show them how to make the necessary self care time.

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“The intention you set for yourself creates the reality you live in, and fuzzy intentions produce fuzzy results.”


Lindsey Vertner

Indiana, United States

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