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Welcome to the Mindset Master Suite (MMS) home page. 

In MMS, we discuss all things mindset mastery, self-care, self-worth, and self-discipline. The goal is to help you create a First Class Life® full of purpose, fulfillment, and genuine happiness! 

Devotional Time For Mindset (DTM)

DTM sessions have ended. However, you can catch all of the replays on YouTube. Click here.

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Oh No

Important message:

If you or someone you know is having suicidal thoughts, please contact the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline call 988 (in the United States). Knowing how to get help can save a life. 


Looking for a therapist?

Check out Psychology Today or Therapy for Black Girls or Therapy for Black Men.


1. Give it a minute, we may just be slightly behind.

2. If it's been 5 minutes, come to and check other platforms.

There may only be a tech issue on the platform you are connected to.

3. If it's been 10 minutes past start time and there is no stream on any platform...

SAY A PRAYER! Something is wrong! (God forbid!)

**If there is ever a time when our host, Lindsey Vertner, knows in advance that she won't be available for our designated time, DTM sister, Brittany Clay, will lead the day ONLY through StreamYard (streaming to Facebook, YouTube, & LinkedIn). TikTok, Clubhouse and Instagram will not be available that day.

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Here from Clubhouse?


1. Follow the club & club founder, Lindsey Vertner.

2. Turn on club notifications by tapping the bell.

3. Join in the weekly discussions (schedule below).

If you'd like to be a member and have access to exclusive members' only rooms, complete your info here.

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