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Welcome to the Mindset Master Suite (MMS) home page. 

In MMS, we discuss all things mindset mastery, self-care, self-worth, and self-discipline. The goal is to help you create a First Class Life® full of purpose, fulfillment, and genuine happiness! 

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MMS Room Schedule 

Room Routine: All rooms start with welcome music. An affirmation is shared to match the day's topic. Speakers & discussion. Closing music.


Previous Popular Rooms:

  • Devotional Time For Mindset

  • You are NOT Superwoman

  • Self-care, Self-Sabotage, & You

  • Walking in Consistent Faith & Obedience

  • Effectively Creating Your Goals

  • Your Name, Boundaries, & You

  • Collaboration & Connections Over Competition

August 31, 2022 - 10am EST

Self-care in leadership

Co-hosts: Natalie Bullen, Lauren LC

Description: A discussion on the signs of self-sabotage (as it relates to self-care) and the importance of self-care in leadership.

Focus: Self-care, self-worth, self-discipline

Coming Soon!!!

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