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Before joining Lindsey’s coaching program, I was very focused on pleasing others and my boundaries were very non-existent. I was very much a people pleaser. I didn't want to disappoint anyone; and therefore, this meant my mental health was awful. I believed it was time to put myself first and that the personal investment would outweigh the monetary investment. My expectations were exceeded!


As a result, I have better boundaries and a better focus on self care. I can now put myself first and not feel bad about it. I also gained an amazing group of women who I not only call friends, but sisters I can trust. Lindsey is bright and bubbly, but isn't afraid to kick your ass a little bit when needed. She knows how to balance being a tough love coach and when to hold your hand. So, take the risk. It sounds cliche, but it is SO worth the personal growth you will gain.


Breanna E.

At-Risk Youth Advocate, IN, USA


Hello, Ambitious and Goal-Oriented Lady,

Look at you go! You’re going places—at least that’s what you desire anyway, right? But for some reason, you feel like you’re just going through the motions! You're motivated, but you lack focus. You often neglect self-care and struggle with boundaries.

Even though you seem to have all of the right tools in your vehicle of success, you just can’t get your gears out of park.

Have you thought about what might be holding ya back?

What if you shed the masks that drain you and decide to show up 100% authentically you? What if you managed your time effectively and increased your productivity? What if you practiced regular self-care and established healthy boundaries? What if you lived a life full of purpose, fulfillment, and all the HAPPINESS YOU DESERVE?

Well, my friend…you are FULLY capable of creating this life and I can show you how!



P.S. Let's chat sooner than later, okay?

Peep My Coaching Style

I'm all about coaching my clients to find balance in their lives. Most give, give and give to others at the neglect of themselves. I'll help you understand that self-care is not selfish.


If my clients haven't achieved the success they desire, it's not for lack of's for lack of focus/direction. I provide clear strategies & direction toward goals.


With my guidance, my clients get the results they set their mind to achieve. I give feedback and encouragement along the way to empower them to keep going.

Clients I've Coached & What They Are Saying!

Read more testimonials here.

I wanted a better understanding of who I was, who I wanted to be, and internal happiness. I simply was tired of just going through the motions. I wanted to understand more about myself , why I do the things I do, and how to change my old habits and begin my journey of self love. My struggles were putting work into action and dragging my feet, but I knew I was only hurting myself.

After being in Lindsey’s program, I definitely have a better understanding of who I am and the understanding of it’s okay to be me and love me no matter what stage of life I am in. I listen more before reacting. I am starting to be more aware of things that I like or dislike. I am working on going with my first thought and no longer being indecisive. I journal at least 3x a week now. It helps me get a better understanding of what I need to do. I completed my weekly goals wand my monthly goal. I’ve also started my yearly goal.

I’d highly recommend the program because it gave me a better understanding that I am not alone and I am worth all that I desire. It gave me the tools to dig deeper within myself and challenge myself for greatness. The group also made me hold myself accountable. I was uncomfortable, emotional and vulnerable during the program. At times, I felt like throwing in the towel but I kept reminding myself that I am only going to get out of it what I put into it. If I want results, I must do the work. Slowly but surely I am began to understand this, and it became natural.

DeAyron B.

Kentucky, USA

Before joining Lindsey’s program, I was depressed and didn’t have a job. I had no clue what I was doing or what was even possible for me. I felt like a nobody and thought, “Who could I possibly help?”


Lindsey has a way with words but also the motivational speakers I listened to, ALL of them said success happens outside of their comfort zone. I had to jump. Take a leap of faith.


I’m more confident. I see my purpose and my path more clearly. I have direction, and I know who I’m here to help. I’m working on being a life coach - targeting single moms and flirting with the idea of starting a non-profit for Mommy’s Purpose (my support group).

I would most definitely join again! The growth I experienced was phenomenal. I’m at a new level in life and I know I would learn a whole new set of skills a second time around.


Lindsey’s coaching helps you unlock things inside of yourself and being in the group helps you to know that you’re not alone and that you have the same struggles as other ladies. Lindsey is amazing. She is selfless and every move she makes, you can tell it’s to better her clients.

If you’re considering joining the academy, you should do it!! You should absolutely join FCL Academy. If you don’t know what you’re doing in life, join. You’ll learn. If you’re already in the business of helping others, join. It can only make you better.


Melicca P.

Founder of Mommy’s Purpose, IN, USA


I Have Satisfied Clients...


As you can see from what others are buzzing about me... Honey, I'm the bees knees! 

My clients trust me with their life, LITERALLY!

That's a big deal to me! It is not something that I take lightly. I'm always humbled that so many women trust me with something so special! My clients are near & dear to my heart, and they become my friends! That is why I treat every single one of my ladies with the best care possible. I extend my hand through every stumble & cheer them on through every success! I may talk to my client friends at scheduled times, but I am always thinking about them and how I can help them reach their dreams!

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