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First Class Life® Book: 10 Empowering Lessons To Help You Create A Life Full Of Purpose, Fulfillment, & Happiness

Do you ever feel like you’re just going through the motions? Do you feel like no matter how hard you try, you keep getting hit with obstacles? Is it a struggle to find the purpose in your pain or the message in your mess? Are you looking for a way to fill your life with more fulfillment and joy?


Then, this book is for you! A First Class Life® is about the quality of life that you are creating for yourself and those around you. It’s about walking fully in your purpose. It’s about living each day with your heart full of happiness and gratitude. It’s about shedding the masks of fear and doubt that hold you back from your dreams; and instead, you show up boldly, confidently and 100% authentic to who you are. It’s about knowing YOU ARE WORTHY of everything you desire!


If you’re ready to create your First Class Life® full of purpose, fulfillment, and happiness, then dive in the pages of this book! Take a journey with 10 phenomenal women as they share transformational lessons of overcoming obstacles, loss, heartbreak, guilt, unworthiness, depression, and more!


Meet The Authors

It's not everyday that the dead comes to life, but that's what Lindsey did following a tragic wreck where she was pronounced dead on multiple occasions. Read as she shares her experience and the role intentionality played in her recovery and in life.


Breanna was no longer Breanna once she committed to a toxic relationship. The abuse pushed her to the brink of suicide. She made one move that saved her life. Grab the book.


Kameika opens up about her personal struggles with infertility, as well as, the lifestyle changes she's made in preparation for becoming a mother someday.


Young Carmen is leading the pack as she shares how she's embracing her role as a leader by creating happiness for herself and others. Grab the book for a fresh perspective.


Jennifer didn't always love herself, but the moment she learned she deserved happiness - guess what she got? Happiness! She even saw improvements in other areas of her life. If you struggle to love yourself, read her chapter.


As a woman, Larrie Jo had expected her body to do what a woman's body was "supposed" to do. After a miscarriage, she began to struggle mentally. But something happened when she shifted her mindset. Read her story in the book.


Depression is real. Suicidal thoughts are real. Melicca knows because she experienced both in her life. But not anymore... not after learning how self-discipline played a role in her dark days. Grab the book to find out more about her story.


Tiffany lost herself in a verbally abusive relationship. But something changed everything for her. What did it take, and what's Tiffany's message to every woman who neglects self-care? Grab the book.


If you suffer from high functioning depression and can't understand why the inner you is so messed up, read Michele's story. Get ready to take action to change the trajectory of your life.


Sometimes life can be down right tough. And if we aren't careful, we come out on the other side of it - mean and hateful. Has life done that to you? See how Shay Ann overcame it as she reflects on the marital issues that changed her.


" Great book! Recommend every woman read this and read it again. This book is going to help ALOT of people. Thank you ladies for being so raw when y'all wrote this amazing book. I really needed it. - Cassandra H.


"I can read the book over and over again: Love the book. The stories in the book, let me know I can conquer any problems or situations.
-Amazon Customer

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