First Class Life™ (Anthology Volume 1)

First Class Life™ (Anthology Volume 1)


What does it mean to truly live a First Class Life™? It means that you are intentional about creating happiness in every moment that you can. It means that you are walking fully in your purpose. It means that you are boldly showing up 100% authentically you, and you are being unapologetic about it. compiled by Visionary Lindsey Vertner along with eight courageous women who share their compelling life stories, and one energized 7-year old youth leader who explains how she is already creating her own First Class Life™, is an inspiring written work that will leave you intrigued, engaged and highly motivated.


Co-authors: Breanna Engle, Carmen Vertner, Jennifer Pinson, Kameika Hinson, Larrie Jo Hatcher, Melicca Pollard, Michele James, Shay Ann Lankford, Tiffany Shoemaker, & Dr. Cheryl Wood. 


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