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Rozynna F.

Creative Strategist

London, UK

Since working with Lindsey, I have restructured my programs, taken on increasing numbers of clients, and outsourced various tasks in my business so that I can focus on writing my book. Lindsey helped me to clear out various aspects of my life that has now given me clarity, focus, and flow in my life. I have an increased feeling of unlimited potential and personal power, particularly in regards to wealth creation. 

My biggest issue was that I had too much stuff around to think clearly; though, I didn’t realize it. Lindsey helped me to realize that I needed to lighten up in order to up-level my life. She encouraged me to focus on my life rather than just my business. She held me accountable while being supportive. Her energy was always upbeat and encouraging. I really felt heard and understood by Lindsey. 

Lindsey’s energy was infectious, and I thank her for being so committed to my development. It’s been a process for me. I am continuing to clear out, and my up-leveling is continuing to spiral up as a result. 


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Lindsey Vertner is quite possibly one of the most bubbly, yet determined women that I have ever known. Her zest for life is contagious and her inability to settle for second place drives those around her!

Brooke Rash

Founder of The Social Celebrity


Creating Happiness!!!


As you can see from what others are buzzing about me... Honey, I'm the bees knees! 

My clients trust me with their life, LITERALLY! That's a big deal to me! It is not something that I take lightly. I'm always humbled that so many women trust me with something so special! My clients are near & dear to my heart, & they become my friends! That is why I treat every single one of my ladies with the best care possible. I extend my hand through every stumble & cheer them on through every success!  I may talk to my client friends at scheduled times, but I am always thinking about them and how I can help them reach their dreams!

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