6 Simple Ways to Practice Self-Care in a Digital Age

Updated: Jul 24

Introducing the 6 Ways to Practice Self-Care in a Digital Age

The digital age has brought a number of new ways to connect with the world, but there’s a downside to that. The need for constant connection requires a lot of your time, energy, and resources.

This blog focuses on the importance of self-care in this digital age. It’ll also provide six practical tips for those of you who're looking to take care of yourself in the modern world.

Practicing self-care is important because it helps to maintain balance and perspective--even when life feels a bit chaotic.

1. Turn Off Your Phone for Awhile

Lisssten! It won’t hurt to turn off your phone for a few minutes every day. How do you feel when you’re at dinner with friends, and someone checks their phone every few minutes? Doesn’t it feel intrusive, rude, and disrespectful?

Don’t be that friend, okay? If you need to do something over the phone, complete it before dinner. Choose not to let your phone dictate your life.

2. Take Back Your Time From Technology

Many people find themselves constantly glued to their screens. We’re constantly scrolling, clicking, and refreshing our feed to keep up with the latest updates.

We’re also becoming more dependent on our technology for both work and personal life. Technology makes us more efficient at work but also causes us to lose our focus and take on more responsibilities than we can handle.

We can take back time from technology and start to live a healthier lifestyle.

Start using a social media time tracker to track how much time your spending on your phone each day. Many apps (like Facebook & Instagram) will also tell you this somewhere in the settings.

3. Focus on What’s Important To You

· How do you know where to focus?

· What are the most important tasks or responsibilities in your life?

· Are you happy with what you’re doing?

· Do they bring you joy and satisfaction?

· What would make for a more fulfilling life experience for you?

Self-care’s about finding what matters most to you; make sure you spend your time and energy on those things. I like to spend time at the spa or on resorts getting pampered! (Hence the photo!)

A recent survey from the American Psychological Association revealed that women are more likely to practice self-care than men. However, self-care is critical for everyone, regardless of gender (or age or ethnicity). It can be challenging to strike a balance between work and personal life, but not impossible!

4. Take Care of Your Body

Everyone deserves to take care of their body. It’s a big part of our life. Maintaining our bodies can include eating healthy, getting adequate sleep, drinking plenty of water, and reading good material. I recommend reading The Body Keeps Score if you want some more quick and easy tips for taking care of your mental health and body.

Speaking of your mental...

5. Clean Up Your Mental Clutter with Mindfulness Meditation

What’s Mindfulness Meditation?

Mindfulness meditation is the practice of focusing on the present state of mind and acknowledges any thoughts or feelings without judgment. The key here is without judgment. It’s calming and is a great way to reduce stress, anxiety, depression, and pain.

How does it work?

Mindfulness meditation requires you to observe your thoughts with honesty and then let them go. So, instead of trying to change or stop thoughts, I encourage you to acknowledge them. Once you’ve acknowledged your thoughts, it’s time to label them. Label them as "thought" or "feeling." And, after you’ve labeled it, release them. Mindfulness meditation also requires you to focus on your breathing for a few minutes during the day to clear your mind of clutter or negative thoughts.

6. Connect With Nature Every Day

Technology surrounds us. A way to break our technological fixation is to take time daily to connect with nature. A walk in nature reminds us of the beauty that’s all around us. Let’s not ignore our connection with nature. At the very least, make a daily effort to step outside and breath deeply for 5 minutes!

Studies prove that spending time in nature has many benefits, including lowering stress levels and improving moods. Not only that, but it also increases creativity and problem-solving abilities. Additionally, studies have shown spending time in natural environments leads to increased mental health benefits, such as decreased anxiety and feelings of loneliness.

It’s no wonder why so many people are turning back to nature for their mental wellbeing!

More self-care tips are coming. I wanted to highlight a few in this blog to get your new year started with a few practical ways to take better care of yourself going forward. Pick at least one tip to focus on over the coming weeks.

If you need deeper guidance making self-care a priority in your life, click here to book a complimentary consultation call.

Blessings, Coach Lindsey

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