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How to Start Building A Successful Mindset

Self-Worth Affirmations

1. Stop the constant comparison game you’ve been playing.

You’re not a loser in anyway! And you’ll learn that the moment you stop playing the comparison game and pitting yourself against others. It’s not helpful to compare your journey with someone you aspire to be like because you can’t account for what has happened in their journey. You don’t know what they went through or how they got there. So, if you want to be successful, stop the comparison games and focus on your journey.

Comparing ourselves is sure to lead us nowhere--we will constantly come out feeling like a loser. Remember, comparison is the ENEMY of joy!

2. Believe in yourself and your abilities no matter what life throws at you.

When you believe in yourself, you CAN achieve your goals--even if obstacles come. When life’s challenges come, don’t give up on your dreams! In my coaching program, I teach you how to think positively (in a non-toxic kind of way) while working to reach any goal you set for yourself. I’ll also show you how to turn your failures into successes because when you’re living your First Class Life®, there are no losses...only lessons!

3. Give up judgment and negativity that hold you back from your full potential.

There’s power in positive thinking. Thinking positive thoughts can help you by making you feel better. And, when you feel better, you perform better. On the other hand, people who think negatively are more likely to be depressed, have lower self-esteem, and be less satisfied with life. Negative thoughts reinforce negativity, meaning no matter what, one will only see how bad things are. Positive thinking comes with benefits. For instance, not only does it make you happier but positive people generally have longer lifespans and tend to take better care of themselves (studies have proven it). Positive people find new opportunities faster than their pessimistic counterparts.

4. Find a way to tap into your natural talents.

Our natural talents may not be obvious or apparent when we’re children, but they exist somewhere deep inside us! Bear in mind talent does not always require hard work--some things come easy for some. For example, some people may not be as good at math, but they are natural-born writers. It’s important to explore our talents and how we can use them in productive ways. Sometimes we’re not aware of what we are good at until we explore and uncover it.

5. Remember, what we project comes back to us.

A core lesson of mindset involves the words we speak and how they shape our lives. Through our speech, we project our intentions and desires into the atmosphere. Life makes an imprint of what we vocalized and serves it back to us later in life.

Words directly affect our brain activity (again, backed by science). The words we speak activate specific neurons. Those neurons either make us feel better or worse. The energy of words works similarly in life--either by creating a better life or a worse life for us.

Words carry energy. Be careful what you say. Words you speak can either help or hinder your success. Practice speaking positive words over yourself with affirmations. Speak in present tense. Start your phrase with “I am…” whenever possible. Anything after the words “I am” becomes a covenant over your life!

There you have it! These are building blocks to help you begin shifting your mindset and creating your First Class Life® full of purpose, fulfillment, and happiness.

Blessings & Abundance

Your Resident Mindset Coach,



Unknown member
Sep 21, 2021

So true...that COMPARISONITIS will kill some dreams. We have to stay focused on our own goals and plans. Love everything about this blog, young lady. Keep motivating others to greatness. Can't wait to read more from you!😘

Lindsey Vertner
Lindsey Vertner
Sep 21, 2021
Replying to

It most definitely will! Thanks for checking out the blog!

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