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First Class Life® Bonus Resources

Congratulations! Thank you for your purchase of First Class Life®: 10 Key Factors To Create A Life Full of Purpose, Fulfillment, & Happiness.


But more importantly... thank yourself for saying "yes" to YOU! You deserve a life full of joy, abundance, and success!


Below you will find your chapter bonuses. Click on each to download your resource. 

Chapter 1 - From Stressed Out To Thriving: A Comprehensive Assessment To Measure Your Level of Stress & Overwhelm

3d Books2.png

Chapter 2 - First Class Goal Setting Template

Chapter 3 - "What Am I Feeling?" Emotion Grid

Chapter 4 - How To Incorporate Self-Care To Maintain Your Sanity Worksheet

Chapter 5 - 7-Day Tracker For Gratitude Growth

Chapter 6 - Color Your Confidence Coloring Sheets

(And for the record, these are completely

different than the official coloring book. Wink!)

Chapter 7 - Affirmations For Leadership Sample

Chapter 8 - Red Light, Green Light Action Plan Guide

Chapter 9 - Affirmation Template

Chapter 10 - Daily Time Grid

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