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How To Stop Being Paralyzed By Life's Obstacles

Updated: Jul 24, 2022

If you're going through obstacles, keep reading because I remember when these legs couldn't move at all...and now here they are standing strong!

Quick backstory for my new friends...

In 2007, I fully recovered from a "fatal" car wreck that left me brain-dead & paralyzed (& with 50-leven other injuries).

P.S. Google what happens when someone is brain-dead and I'm literally a scientific unicorn. Everything you'll find says there is no coming back from being brain-dead.

(In other words... I should be a ghost but God kept me!)

Now, we'll talk about the fact that I came back from death in another time but for now, I want you to imagine yourself waking up & not being able to move.

Life as you knew it was no more.

The dreams you dreamed of "walking" into was no more.

What would you do?

Actually, don't answer that! Because I can tell you what the majority of you are going to do...NOTHING!

Now before you cuss me out, I'm just going off of past human behaviors & what statistics have shown to be true for about 75% of people. People who are currently unfulfilled in their lives. People who - on their death bed - regret not going after their true desires and goals.

Here's a snippet of what happens when we become paralyzed by our obstacles:

1. We take on the fears & beliefs of those around us as our own.

2. We allow the view of our current reality to dictate what our future becomes.

3. We allow our perceived past failures to use our obstacles as yet another victimized excuse as to why we can't get ahead.

But here's a mindset shift...

Stop looking at obstacles as loss. Instead, ask yourself what are you gaining? What are you learning? Who are you becoming? What people, things or beliefs are you shedding because they no longer serve the best version of you (& this is the only type of loss acceptable).

Way too often, we become paralyzed by our obstacles. We become paralyzed by the fear of failure or the fear of not being good enough or the fear of rejection or whatever! We become paralyzed by the view of our current reality because we have no clue how it's gonna turn around. We stop taking action. We stop doing what we know needs to be done. We stop believing. We stop walking in our purpose.

So, here's what I want you to do...

1. Understand that everyone is not going to believe in or understand your vision & will project their limiting beliefs/experiences onto you. And don't fault them as we all have the tendency to project our personal experiences and beliefs onto others to some extent.

  • My medical team was doubtful that I would walk again. And I get it...they didn't want to give hope to something that they couldn't guarantee at all.

2. You won't overcome your obstacle if you don't first envision yourself on the other side of it. Because that visualization is going to lead to a shift in your thoughts which will lead to a shift in your behaviors which will lead to a shift in your reality.

  • For every single day I couldn't walk, my image of me walking grew stronger & so did my determination. I didn't allow my current view to dictate my future view & eventually my future view became my new current view.

3. Stop focusing on what you did or didn't do in the past. Instead focus on what you can do right now for your future. Understand that you are more than good enough to boldly walk into your future you. It may not be easy & it will definitely require you to do the work.

  • I was in the hospital for 1 month & went to therapy all day, every single day, for weeks! I felt pain, I fell, I wobbled....long before I took my first literal baby step! I looked like a giant toddler, Boo!

Do these 3 things, and you'll begin to stop letting your obstacles walk all over you.

But if you still need guidance...

If you're tired of being paralyzed by your obstacles and fears...

If you're ready to boldly & confidently walk towards your future until it becomes your reality...

Let's chat!

Book a call at

Blessings, Coach Lindsey

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